How to choose your criminal defence lawyer in Sydney

When you are accused of committing a crime, it is essential for you to choose your criminal defence lawyer in Sydney wisely. Your legal representative will be by your side throughout your case, so they must be someone you know you can rely on.

The consequences of the outcome can be potentially dire, so it is important you choose someone you trust to get the best outcome for you.

It can be nerve-wracking to essentially leave the state of your case in someone else’s hands but ultimately, if you choose the right advisor they will be able to take care of it for you.

Choosing your criminal defence lawyer in Sydney can be tough, especially if you have little knowledge of that area. Here are some factors you should think about.

Consider their specialisation

Most professionals will spend their career specialising in a certain field. They may even specialise in certain areas within that field. For example, they might be a practicing criminal defence lawyer in Sydney who specialises in drug offences.

These areas of specialisation can help you to make the decision if you are looking for someone with a high level of expertise in your cases like yours. Some legal advisors will have memberships or qualifications which depict their expertise in their field.

Ask them about their previous cases

During your consultation, don’t be afraid to ask them about their previous cases and what the outcomes were. This can help you to gauge where your case might end up under their guidance, although it is important not to rely on this piece of knowledge as the be-all end-all.

This will give you an idea of their experience in the field and might help in your decision. Experience is an important factor, but it is important to consider more than one.

Make sure you are on the same page

Getting the right criminal defence lawyer in Sydney means getting someone who understands the outcome you want and will work with you towards it.

You can ask your criminal defence lawyer in Sydney for their plan for your case to see whether you are happy with their suggestions and decisions. Remember to keep a realistic mindset – while you might be set on a scenario, it is better for your representative to be honest with you than to entertain an unrealistic idea.

Be willing to compromise and make sure that your legal representative explains everything to you carefully and clearly.

Choose someone you feel comfortable with

At times, your advisor will be your confidant. You need to be able to talk to your legal professional and feel comfortable around them.

While their main purpose is to get a desirable outcome from the case, they should also be understanding of your situation and guide you through the process.

It will be unpleasant to go through the entire process with someone you aren’t completely comfortable around. You need to be willing to share and talk about your experience with your advisor.

Make sure you can easily reach them

Being able to be in contact with your criminal defence lawyer in Sydney is important if there are any updates on your case or changes of heart.

If it is too hard to get a hold of your advisor, they are probably the wrong choice. Having someone who is easy to reach and gets back to you in a reasonable timeframe is important.

You don’t need the stress of not being able to reach your criminal defence lawyer in Sydney above everything else, so make sure that they are accessible and responsive.