How to find the best family lawyers in Sydney

Issues that result from a relationship breakdown are best handled by experienced family lawyers in Sydney who know who to navigate the complex legal framework that surrounds them. However, finding a reputable solicitor who you can trust to help you at every step of the way can be difficult, especially if your case is incredibly complex.

Divorce, child custody, and the division of marital assets are all a regular part of a days’ work for the best family lawyers in Sydney. These issues can be incredibly overwhelming for those going through them and it makes sense that anyone dealing with this situation would want the help of the most experienced family lawyers in Sydney on their side.

Let’s take a look at some tips for finding the best family lawyers in Sydney.

Ask friends and relatives

While, considering the circumstances, it may not be appropriate to ask every last relative for their solicitor’s number, you can find out a lot of useful information from other people. This is because you can trust the thoughts and opinions of people close to your more than online reviews or testimonials.

Issues like divorce are more common in society than people like to imagine and as a result you are likely surrounded by people who have had to engage family lawyers in Sydney before. Find out who you know has went through issues similar to your own and ask them how they got legal help and what their results were.

Do some online research

The next obvious place to begin your search is the wide world of the internet. While the internet is a big place filled with thousands of solicitors, you can narrow your search down by typing a phrase like “best family lawyers Sydney” and get the top results for that city.

While on their websites, take a look at any past reviews or testimonials they have featured to get a better sense of what the solicitor is like. If you are browsing the site of a large firm, browse around until you find the listing of their individual practitioners and find out who exactly you would be working with.

Check for special accreditations

The best family lawyers in Sydney will also have special accreditations attached to their names that prove that they have undergone additional training in dealing with relevant legal issues. The best of the best will be Law Society of New South Wales accredited family law experts.

Another good qualification to look for is ADR (alternative dispute resolution). ADR is especially useful in tense negotiations over child custody and property settlement as the solicitor will have specialised skill on how to reach an amicable compromise between the two parties.

Interview them

Once you have a shortlist of candidates, you can begin booking interview times with each of them so you can meet them face to face and get a better sense of who they are. No working relationship is going to function unless you are able to build a good rapport with the solicitor and get a sense of their work style.

You should be able to get a gut feeling very early on about whether or not this practitioner is right for you or if you should go to another family lawyer in Sydney. The best family lawyers in Sydney know how to give you realistic advice and help you process complex emotions into the best possible legal strategy.

At this point you should have two or three different family lawyers in Sydney to choose from. All you need to do is pick the practitioner you feel would best suit your case and get started working on your legal problem.