The Steps You Need To Take To Become A Family Lawyer In Sydney

Becoming a lawyer is known to be good money and often a satisfying career if you are passionate about law. Becoming a family lawyer means that you are specializing in a more niche market, one that is still very popular though and is booming. Divorce rates have only gone up and are looking to continue their upward trend. Becoming a lawyer, in general, can be difficult and it can be a complex process. Then you will need to specialize in family law which will take further study. From there on, it is important for you to gain experience to build a reputation as a good lawyer in order to bring in more work and clients.

If you are passionate about law, and looking to help couples end their relationships and move on with their life fairly, then family law might just be for you.

Here are the steps you need to take to become one of the best family lawyers in Sydney.

Obtain a qualification

To begin your steps towards becoming a family lawyer in Sydney, it is important to obtain some form of qualification to create a base knowledge of the legal system in Australia and its processes. This can be in the form of a university degree (which is the most favourable one), preferably from a credited university which is recognized in the field. This is important as you need to have a base knowledge before continuing on and specializing in a certain field of law.

The bar will not let you take the test unless you have a form of qualification to prove you have some form of knowledge of law. You cannot even proceed to become a legal practitioner of the law without a qualification, so it is very important you study hard at a good university to receive one to progress on your career path.

Practical legal training

Once you have obtained your law degree, you must enrol into practical legal training. Practical legal training is a structured course designed to teach graduates to develop a certain skillset which is associated with lawyers.

This will go in combination with the academic skills you learnt at university, and will help you to apply these skills in a practical environment.

This is very important as it is one thing to learn about law, but another to actually apply it correctly. How you apply your skills will determine how good of a lawyer you are and it is a lifelong skillset you will need for your whole career as a lawyer.

Apply for admission to practice

Once you have completed the practical legal training, you must now apply for admission to practice. The legal authorities will have to approve your application based on your qualifications and background, and then you will take the bar test. If this is passed, you will be approved and certified to practice law legally in the state that you obtained it in.

Specialize in family law

Once all of this is completed and you are a legal lawyer, you must complete further study usually in the form of a diploma in order to specialize in a field of applied law, being family law. This will give you the knowledge and the skills required to understand the legal process to do with family law and practice in court with these skills.

After all of this is completed, you will now be a family lawyer in Sydney.

You will be able to help couples ending their relationship to fairly split their income, belongings and property as well as sharing the responsibility of children, if applicable.

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