Top Bizarre Australian Laws

If you are planning to go to Australia for a vacation, you might want to read some of the rules you have to follow before you place your foot on the country. Australia has some of the strangest laws, and you need to be aware of those laws before you go to the country. The following are some of the most bizarre laws in Australia:

Wanting to purchase more than 50kgs of potato in West Australia? Think again:

The Potato Marketing Corporation has the power to stop any vehicle and check if the person is carrying more than 50kgs of potato with them. The law is enriched from the year 1946.

Cover yourself from neck to knee when you visit the Brighton Beach:

If you are planning to go to the Brighton Beach, you don’t have to be worried about getting sunburnt. There are strict rules that you need to cover up from neck to knee when you are at the beach. Make sure even to cover up your arms as you will be made to pay a fine as you cannot expose your body to the beach.

Want to change the light bulb in Victoria? Think again:

We all have faulty electric light bulbs at our homes, workspace etc. If you happen to stay in Victoria, Australia you are not allowed to change a light bulb if you are not a qualified electrician. You will have to pay a fine of $10 if you are caught changing the light bulbs by yourself.

You are not allowed to dress up as Batman and Robin:

If you happen to love Batman and Robin so much, you might want to think again if want to dress up like either one of them when you are in Australia.

Palm reading is against the law:

Any form of crafty science is prohibited in Australia. There is an act of Vagrancy where if anyone uses palmistry or witchcraft to predict something they will be found guilty of the offence. Thus if you want to get your palms read in the country, you might want to consider again.

It is not against the law to smoke, drink alcohol or use condoms by children:

The country does not have any laws against children using cigarettes, alcohol or condoms however they are not allowed to buy them in the shops but if you happen to have them at home and if your child uses them, it is not considered as an illegal act.

Love wearing hot pink pants? Don’t go to Australia:

It is against the law to wear hot pink pants in Australia on Sundays. You can wear them on the other days, but as per the Victorian law, you are not allowed to wear them on Sundays.