Why You Should Consider Using Cork Filler Board in Your Development Project

The popularity of cork for its many incredible properties has led to it being used all over the world for different purposes. One of the biggest uses that we see is in the form of a cork filler board used in development projects as a filler between construction joints. It provides exceptional support to the structure once it is complete and ready to face the tough weather elements. The purpose of using it is to make sure the structure does not get compromised over the years after wear and tear makes the outer side weaker. Here are a few amazing benefits that you can also add to your next construction project by using cork filler board.

Enhancing the Structural Strength

As discussed earlier, the biggest advantage of cork boards is that they can support the structure of the building where joints are present. However, there is a great deal of strength present in the cork filler board itself as well which allows it to provide all that support in the first place. However, its composition also makes it versatile and flexible, ensuring that it does not break under wear and tear or through natural calamities like earthquakes. It also keeps the rest of the structure around it secure by absorbing any shocks that it may have to bear.

Extremely Long Lifespan

The confidence in the ability of the cork filler board to survive that long comes from the fact that it has been in use for a long time. We can see its use thousands of years back in the Egyptian civilization where the workers wore cork shoes to avoid getting their feet burnt or damaged in any way. Furthermore, the Romans also used it later and even introduced it for other purposes like sealing wine bottles. With artifacts surviving extremely long times, it is safe to say that the cork filler used inside a building would certainly outlive at least 2-3 generations or even the building itself.

Highly Customizable by Design

using cork filler board

Given how flexible and easy to manipulate cork is, you can use it to fill pretty much any gap you want, no matter how big or small it may be. The blocks that are eventually formed after the material is stripped from trees and processed can be modified for any type of use. You can either use it in single sheets large enough to cover an entire wall or cut it down to size and fix it in even the tiniest of spots. From a manufacturer’s perspective, offering different sizes to each client can be quite easy given the flexible nature of cork filler board.

Used for a Wide Range of Applications

Given the versatile nature of the cork filler board, it is no surprise that it performs equally well on every type of project you can imagine. Whether it is a small residential project of building someone’s home or going all the way to the industrial side and building highways and airports, you can expect the same level of performance, regardless of the size of its application. That is why it has a universal acceptance as the material of choice for strengthening joints on any normal structure that you can see.


Above all else, the quality that truly helps cork filler board stand out as an amazing material is the fact that it degrades on its own. It is not like plastic and is even derived from a natural source. Using cork filler board for any development project is, therefore, a no-brainer and if you are planning to do the same, then you too are heading in the right direction!